Importance of Breaks Going Into the Home Stretch

The semester is winding down, yet the workload seems to be vamping up. Classes can be stressful and hard to keep track of, but I use my planner to keep everything organized. While all of my assignments, my readings, and my meetings are in my planner, I do not have scheduled time for myself. I usually just finding “me time” squeezed into my planner by chance.


I think it is so important to have time set aside for yourself, even if it means taking an extra long shower or watching an episode of your favourite TV show on Netflix.

I saw this picture on @ONTSpecialNeeds twitter account, and I thought it was a really nice reminder that a break can be short and sweet yet can make all the difference in your stress levels and mental health.

Are there any ways you take a break that aren’t on this list? Share your ideas with me!


One of the things I was taught in the past when I was dealing with stress, was to focus on breathing. Now I know that sounds pretty basic, but breathing techniques are so important and paying attention to how you are breathing can help take stress away from external factors. I was always taught that when you inhale, your breath should come from your chest, then your diaphragm, then your stomach – and then exhale should be the reverse. Long, slow breaths can help you stay calm and grounded, and to be honest, they aren’t easy to do.

Check out this video designed to help you concentrate on your breathing techniques and take your mind off your stresses. This video is 10 minutes, which might be too much for some people, but when I do even two minutes of this exercise I find myself feeling much better.

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